Useful Development


Angular: using animations with NgIfAug 27, 2019

A code sample showing how to fade in/out a component and add/remove it from the DOM with NgIf.

Typescript: filtering an array for distinct valuesAug 27, 2019

A quick guide to filtering duplicate objects from an array in TypeScript.

Angular: how to debug a universal Node Express server with Visual Studio CodeJul 18, 2019

A guide setting up your Visual Studio Code environment so you can debug the Node Express server created by Angular Universal.

Angular reactive forms: FormArrays with OnPush change detectionJun 27, 2019

This post shows how to get around the common issues which arise when using OnPush change detection with a FormArray.

WPF: customizing the appearance of a windowJun 27, 2019

WPF customizing the appearance of a window in XAML.

Angular: Creating configurable libraries with angular cliJun 21, 2019

When moving a module into a library the using the Angular cli environment settings is no longer an option. This post shows another option for supporting configuration settings in the module.

Angular: create a library that supports Angular Material themingJun 11, 2019

This tutorial shows how to create and Angular library with an Angular Material theme.

Angular Forms: how to get only the changed valuesJun 4, 2019

I had a requirement to record the changes made by the user through a reactive form. Previously I would have just compared the original form data with the updated form values but I decided to have a look at using the dirty property on the form's FormControls instead. It worked pretty well so I thought I would share the code.

Angular CLI: HTTPS on WindowsOct 12, 2018

How to run an Angular CLI project locally on Windows 10 with SSL and trust the certificate in the browser.

Back to bloggingOct 8, 2018

The old blog is gone (or rather went quite a while ago) due to a devops disaster. Apologies to anyone who was using any of the old posts for reference. I'm not going to be restoring the old posts as most of them are obsolete by now. If you need anything I probably have the old code samples so let me know.