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Recent updates

Angular: Creating configurable libraries with angular cliJun 21, 2019header photo

When moving a module into a library the using the Angular cli environment settings is no longer an option. This post shows another option for supporting configuration settings in the module.

Angular: create a library that supports Angular Material themingJun 11, 2019header photo

This tutorial shows how to create and Angular library that supports Angular Material theming.

Angular Forms: how to get only the changed valuesJun 4, 2019header photo

I had a requirement to record the changes made by the user through a reactive form. Previously I would have just compared the original form data with the updated form values but I decided to have a look at using the dirty property on the form's FormControls instead. It worked pretty well so I thought I would share the code.

Angular CLI: HTTPS on WindowsOct 12, 2018header photo

How to run an Angular CLI project locally on Windows 10 with SSL and trust the certificate in the browser.